At the beginning of each month, I make an exhaustive "Nice Clean List" of all tasks, dropping those that I no longer want/need to do and adding those I've added to my daily bullet lists. Anything with a deadline is indicated and prioritized. (Now I'm going to add priority notes for tasks that other people are waiting for me to complete--good idea!). Weekly, I choose the projects that take priority and designate days to work on them. Each morning, I choose from my nice clean list (or urgent new items) 3-5 smaller tasks I hope to complete that day--I use these as a break from doing the designated project-of-the-day. I also add 50% to all time estimates to allow for unexpected management and life complications.

But my bad habit is the lure of the new and shiny--whether it's new organizational systems, the thing I learned in professional development, or another side gig concept. I use these to keep my energy up, but I can take on too many (especially in the hobby/side gig arena).