So, I get it. I’m getting older. I am generally OK with that. I have experience, insight, an amazing partnership in my marriage, a successful career. I can live with the body changes. After a lifetime of pain, the new aches are unsurprising. Yeah, I sneeze and pee now. …

Close-up of a very large, hairy brown and black spider. Tentatively identified as a Wolf Spider.
Photo by Author. Spider tentatively identified as a type of wolf spider.

If you found the spider above burrowing into your stored blankets (as I did), does your instinctive brain scream “Run away!?” Jumping spiders have much the same response. Yes, even spiders are afraid of spiders.

In a recent study published just in time for Halloween, researcher Daniela Roessler demonstrated that…

Marie Jones

Librarian. Curious human exploring the world, glorying in messy productivity. (She/Her/Hers)

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