I wish that writers were grammatically correct in their use of subjunctive mood. It doesn’t come up often, because this poor, neglected mood is usually uninflected, and therefore invisible to most of us. It is most often troublesome when used with the “be” verb. Justin Bieber’s “If I was your…

Tweet “#BreakingNews Brevard Fire Department confirms there has been a roof collapse at Brevard College. Zachary Taylor, a student at Brevard College, tell WYFF News 4 it “sounded like thunder.” No injuries were reported.” with photo of roof collapse to third floor of a brick building.
Author’s screenshot of Twitter post.

Yesterday, a dorm roof collapsed on the campus where I work.

We had wet, heavy snow come down quickly over the last 24 hours and it was too much weight for the aging structure. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

The college has put millions of dollars into roof repair over the last five years, I’m guessing that this was one…

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Once upon a time, a few years ago, The Spouse said my nighttime snoring was getting scary — a little stop-and-start, a lot of noise. A sleep study followed, and CPAP became our bedtime companion. That made us a foursome — Spouse-who-remains-unnamed, Mike-the-Cat, CPAP, and me. …

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Librarian. Curious human exploring the world, glorying in messy productivity. (She/Her/Hers) www.messydeskconsulting.com

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