“Halloween self-portrait”

Hello, Medium Friends. It’s nice to meet you. Welcome to the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina. I’m getting into the spirit of the Halloween season with this little self-portrait featuring my friend the orb-weaver’s web in the foreground.

Keep your eye on this space and the new photography venue I’m…

“Salamander posing” photo by Marie Jones

Image credit: Shutterstock License

Remixing, whether text, audio, or visual art, is a legit form of creation. I have been playing with some random text and image generators recently, and contemplating whether the results are profound or just plain bullshit.

It all started when I was researching a piece called Scholars Explore Bullshit that…

“Touch the Tree Nymph” by Author.

Image credit: Licensed from Shutterstock.

I love amusement parks. As a teenager in Ohio, no summer was complete without trips to both Cedar Point and King’s Island. The first time I rode a real roller coaster, my mother put me in the front row of the Blue Streak, a classic wooden coaster as old as…

Trust me, I’m a librarian

Image licensed from Shutterstock.

We fired our house cleaner this week. She is one of many people around the U.S. who are losing their jobs because they won’t take basic COVID precautions. She’s worked for us a few years but she started calling in sick this summer. …

Don’t be like me

Image licensed on Shutterstock.

Today, my physical therapist informed me that September 20–24 is Falls Awareness Week. This comes from the National Council on Aging because falls are the leading cause of fatal injury among adults over age 65.

I’m not quite that old. Yet.

Still, falling is one of my lifelong talents. Weak…

“Foggy Gifts” by Marie Jones

Practical Productivity

Author Screenshot.

Yep, that’s my calendar for the coming week. A lot of time management advice I read on Medium seems to be written for the entrepreneur or self-employed person with fewer fixed obligations than I have. …

Marie Jones

Librarian. Curious human exploring the world, glorying in messy productivity. (She/Her/Hers) www.messydeskconsulting.com

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