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Yes, I am aware that I fall

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Today, my physical therapist informed me that September 20–24 is Falls Awareness Week. This comes from the National Council on Aging because falls are the leading cause of fatal injury among adults over age 65.

I’m not quite that old. Yet.

Still, falling is one of my lifelong talents. Weak ankles, you know. And falling these days is not nearly as easy as it was during those childhood summers when skinned knees were unexceptional.

So I take note of preventative measures to share with my Medium friends. Trust me, I know from experience.

At any age, be mindful of what…

“Foggy Gifts” by Marie Jones

September Six Word Photo Story Challenge: Clouds

Practical Productivity

A core tool and middle management must-have

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Yep, that’s my calendar for the coming week. A lot of time management advice I read on Medium seems to be written for the entrepreneur or self-employed person with fewer fixed obligations than I have. I use some of their strategies — theme days, for example — but the most basic element of Messy planning is putting fixed commitments on the calendar.

A calendar is the one absolutely consistent part of my time management life. Why? Because meetings, deadlines, appointments, and lunch dates happen at specific times. Everything else can shift as a day’s priorities change, but scheduled items are…

I watch people in the surgery waiting room, a bit edgy and suspicious of the others in the room. There’s a low rumble of worry about my spouse’s (relatively minor)…

And the benefits to your health and wellness

As soon as I finish writing this morning, I will be indulging in my favorite self-care activity — massage. More than just a luxury for the privileged, massage provides a range of health benefits; for me, regular massage reduces pain and related stress.

A variety of studies show that massage can provide health benefits for:

  • Pain and stiffness;
  • Stress, pain, and emotional effects of cancer treatments;
  • Fibromyalgia;
  • Treatment for HIV/AIDS;
  • Anxiety and depression;
  • Blood pressure control;
  • Infant growth;
  • Sports and repetitive motion injuries;

Different types of massage are appropriate for different medical and emotional issues. Like yoga, massage can range…

Muffling the drum of fear to do the work

Marching Band with scary costumed players, bass drum in foreground.
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I love my day job.

But I cried every day this week, thinking about the coming school year.

I’ve been working at colleges for more than 30 years, and I have never dreaded the students’ return so much. I’m usually excited to see the fresh new students, glad to catch up with returners. Not this year.

My stomach heaves, knowing that students will return to our campus bubble from the wilds of the outside world, bringing germs and (possibly fake) vaccination documents with them.

Controlling for the unknown

Last year, we had a shorter summer. I was in the thick of campus planning for…

So you can enjoy a much-needed break

Photo by author.

By the end of the day tomorrow, my house will be cleaner than it has been in a year. I plan to spend those days sitting on my screened porch, watching the hummingbirds buzz the feeder as I write. How is this possible? Delegation.

Our lives at work and home are not distinct and separate entities. We may lean on aspects of our personalities differently when working for money, but we have the same core strengths in all aspects of life.

I talked about delegating at work in this post, but today I’m going to focus on delegating at home…

How I got it, how it feels, and how you can avoid it

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Part 1: Prodrome

Last week was awesome. I got to hang out with family I haven’t seen since The Before Times, hiked to waterfalls, and floated the rivers near my home. I volunteered with a local organization and met some potential friends. I hiked to waterfalls and floated the rivers near my home. I pushed my physical boundaries and filled my reserves with love and hope.

Monday morning, I woke up feeling a little sore and sunburned, in that happy way that comes from days spent playing outdoors. I spent Monday and Tuesday at a leadership retreat at work, so wasn’t particularly aware…

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